About the NMAA

The New Mexico Activities Association was formed in 1921 as a private/non-profit organization whose principle purpose is the regulation, direction, administration and supervision of interscholastic activities in the State of New Mexico. The NMAA prides itself in its leadership, providing educational and social experiences for the students and communities of New Mexico. The NMAA has taken a leadership role nationally in several areas, including sportsmanship, media relations, coaches preparation, corporate development and interscholastic activities.

Who makes up the NMAA?

The New Mexico Activities Association is comprised of New Mexico public, private and parochial middle/junior high and senior high schools that pay membership dues on an annual basis. Each senior high member school is placed into a competitive district according to their enrollment and geographic location for the purpose of conducting and managing NMAA sanctioned events within that district.

When does the NMAA meet?

The Board of Directors has a minimum of four regularly scheduled meetings each year, while others may be called as deemed necessary by the Director and/or the Board President. These meetings are open to the public with "Roberts Rules of Order" used as procedure for the meetings. The Association's Annual Meeting of the Schools is held each October. Official voters and others come together to hear reports and discuss general business.